UMEB Elektromotoren has been qualified to obtain government funds with a view to achieve the project ‘BANK OF THREE-PHASE SQUIRREL-CAGE INDUCTION MOTORS IN EXPLOSION PROOF CONSTRUCTION, WITH HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE SPEED’ (MAEXTR).
The CONTRACTING PARTY is the Managerial Agency for Scientific Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer - POLYTECHNIC (MASRITT; in Romanian: AMCSIT).
  This project is developed in partnership with Bucharest Polytechnic University-Scientific Research Center – Equipment for Energy Electromagnetic Conversion and with ICPE-Electrical Machines Bucharest and is to be achieved between 2007-2009, with economic results reporting up to 2010.

The purpose of the project is the manufacture of a new bank of three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors in explosion proof construction, with highly adjustable speed (in Romanian abbreviated as ANTIEX) and it is based on researches, design, model and prototype tests, preparing of execution documentation-series 0.

The range of ANTIEX motors with highly adjustable speed includes 93 product types for 14 sizes, with rated speeds of 750-1000-1500-3000 rpm.
  The structure of the Co-ordination Council is the following:

Project Director – Dipl.Eng. Mihai Virgil POPESCU
  Representative of S.C. UMEB S.A. – Dipl.Eng. Liliana PANDIA
  Representative of UPB-ECCE – University Lecturer, Ph.D. Dipl.Eng. Leonard Marius MELCESCU
  Representative ICPE-ME – Dipl.Eng. Mircea Gheorghe CARACAS
  In December 2007, there has been completed the First Stage of the project, having as an objective " Study on Special Motor Series ".
At present, the Second Stage is running, including "Design and Manufacture of Experimental Models".